Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Call Part 2

So the Call happened on December 6th 2008...sitting in the baking December heat, on the surprisingly plush grass of the Nyayo Stadium people began to gather to pray...and sing, and pray some more. The seekers surged forward, away from the stands, seemly eager to get closer to the elusive wave of spiritual connectedness that seemed to emanate from the stage...The numbers trickled in, one by one, soon the field was scattered with young men and women prostrate before God, with no prompting, no emotional manipulation, no promises of greatness and great wealth, but just hearts open and hungry, desperate for a move of God in this generation. Tears fell unchecked as leaders, pastors, fathers, politicians, sons and daughters turned their hearts one to another, for forgiveness, restoration and renewed relationships..One month later has anything changed? Do these events mean more than just fleeting yet heartfelt moments with God that fade away under the pressure of life and it's many challenges or get trampled beneath the next new exciting thing that comes along? Testimony Sunday at Nairobi Chapel 10:30am: young person after young person stood before the church declaring a faith that is their own, not their fathers or mothers...but a sincere steadfast desire to walk the walk and talk the talk for themselves...LORD You who began this good work, bring it to completion..