Monday, December 10, 2007


So that terms come to an end, all the term papers are done, exams sat and book reports handed in...about a week of straight up lounging has happened and the suprising thing is feeling sort of, well tired! Gave myself a pep talk at the beginning of the holiday, about how this time before I go back to volunteering at Chapel through the rest of the holiday, I would actuallly get some rest and catch up on all those things I don't get to do, like reading books I actually choose, and watching all those series that everyone talks about, catching up on some sleep, maybe getting some time outdoors etc. So when I was asked to house sit for my Vice Chancellor for a week, I jumped at the chance at having a place to myself, for some quality..."ME TIME", no papers, no 'serious' reading, no rushing around doing a hundred and one errands, just me and 'the lounge', after all I 'deserved' it!
Lounging is tiring, so far, have hardly gotten any sleep cause had to finish season one of "Ugly Betty' (not to mention 'Hustle' which was too interesting to space out), Hero's season two is now on, the novels I borrowed last week to read through the holiday were so interesting, that didnt sleep all last night and have finished two out of three so far, and in between all that, discovered I love to cook, so been trying out new recipes almost every now I have a twitching eye from too much telly, my back hurts from unsuccessfully trying to read myself to sleep, my hands are peeling from all the kitchen theatrics, and generally kinda exhausted!
So now I think that maybe I took the wrong tack and maybe I need to learn balance, only problem is, how do you practice balance when you're so used to throwing yourself into everything you do?


They say the road to hell is paved with good intentions (always wondered who they is ...a bunch of guys who sit around coming up with all sorts of sayings and cliches), well in that case, thank God I have Jesus, or I'd definately be DOOMED! Yes, my intention was to write every week....well, if only intentions actually did the work they were supposed to do...Thank God for time, that allows us to try again (and again ...and again) till we get it right.

They also say the grass is always greener on the other side....I remember thinking to myself when I was about 14 years old, how wonderful it would be to be all grown up and have my own do...whatever! Sleep, eat what I want, go out, see things, talk to people, make my own money....all the wonderful things that adults seemed to be so busy doing. Alas! Now that I'm grown up, I realise...alot of its over rated! The sleep escapes you most nights, the food goes straight to your hips, everyone at the party is hoping this time it will reach their expectations and be as cool as its meant to be, and since your so busy trying to make the money you don't really have time to see the things you want to see or talk to the people you want to talk to without always playing catch up to the extent it always seems you're forever trying to get to know them...Okay, so maybe I'm being a little cynical, but thank God for time, that gift that provides the opportunity for different hues of grass on both sides of the fence, and the chance to experience a full life, with both blissful moments and the disappointments that make the bliss so much sweeter.